Creative. hornet media is a cross-functional design company that delivers innovative design and programming solutions across all types of media: print, photography, publishing or web. Dedicated. This is our company and our life.  Passionate. We love our job.  We care about what we do and about the outcome of the project. Design is a part of our life and follows us everywhere.



WADe Clarke, BA | interactive director


WADe’s education spans from a BA in Philosophy to an honours graphic design diploma. He started out at a multimedia company in Toronto before leaving to help start up the interactive design program at Durham College where he is a full-time professor as well as coordinator of the program. Wanting to still work in the industry, WADe formed hornet with his wife deboraH in 2000.  WADe brings deboraH’s ideas to life by creating interactive and web pieces. Known as a ‘Flash genius’ by his students, WADe brings years of experience in programming and design to hornet media.

deboraH brock | creative director


deboraH began her career as a journalist with a focus on the music industry and freelanced (writing and photography) for several magazines and newspapers in Toronto and the GTA. She decided to go back to school for graphic design and graduated with honours from Durham College, married WADe and started hornet media with him all in the same year. Now 17 years and three boys later, they are still going strong. deboraH is in charge of client relations, managing the projects and designing them. deboraH has joined WADe at Durham College and brings her knowledge of photography to her interactive media photography class.

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