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What is an evite?

It is a super cool electronic invitation delivered via email to your recipient.

Why would I use one?

  • you can send it to unlimited people
  • we can really grab your recipients attention and make them excited for your event
  • created and branded for your company so it is unique
  • it will save you time and money and get your message immediately to your guest
  • you are also saving a tree in the process, bonus.

What is your RSVP system?

We have created a unique custom system for you, the client, to be able to log in and view the responses from your guests 24/7. We provide you with a username and password and you can do the rest. Manage your RSVPs online or save them to a database file for later. You can also easily close off your RSVPs once you have reached capacity for your event. We store your data so you can look back at past evites with us.

What do your evites include?

  • email setup to send your invitation out
  • responsive branded evite based on your budget and your needs for your event
  • RSVP with Yes and No forms
  • RSVP system with 24/7 access to view and manage your replies
  • confirmation email sent to your recipient with calendar file for those attending

Save the Date!

We also offer save the dates to get your guests pumped for their upcoming invitation. If you want to give your guests a heads up about your upcoming event we recommend doing so a month before you send the evite. We’ll match your save the date to your evite and theme of event.

How do I send out an evite?

We can show you how to send it out via email or you can pay us to send it. We will provide you with a quote based on your recipient list. Just ask.

What else can you do for me?

  • announcements
  • newsletters
  • surveys using our RSVP system
  • occasion/holiday cards
  • personalized sendouts, want your guests name to appear in the invitation? We can do that.

What are the costs involved?

We will have a discussion as to what your needs are for your evite and then provide you with a quote. All of our evites include our RSVP system but if you don’t have a huge invite list and want to save some cash, then we can provide an email RSVP option. Your first evite with us will cost a little more for all of the initial setup, but the good news is you can reuse the template we create for you the next time at a reduced cost. Our evites can range in cost from $200 - $2000. Let’s talk and work to fit your budget.

Have an evite on the go with us and want to check your RSVPs? Log in below:

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Show me a sample of an evite

Click to see a sample.

Sample Form

Sample RSVP form

Sample RSVP System

Sample RSVP system

Would you like to login and see how our system can work for you? Contact WADe for a sample username and password.