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Our Story

our story

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we are WADe and deboraH; the founders.

WADe & deboraH

Twenty-three years ago we decided to start up hornet media in the same year deboraH graduated from Graphic Design at Durham College, WADe became a full time professor there starting up the then titled Multimedia Design program (now interactive design) with his mentor and we married. It was a busy year! And we haven’t slowed down much since. Three boys of our own later and working with clients big and small around the world on a variety of projects that we have loved every minute of. deboraH even started spreading her love of photography by joining WADe at Durham to teach it to web and interactive students for the past four years. Everything was great but we thought it could be even better. So then we decided it was time for a change ...

Our _____ Farm Our Alpacas

Almost five years ago deboraH says to WADe, “What do you think about moving our family and the company to the country and ... get alpacas?” WADe is the best. He said, “okay,” and then the search began for our dream home. We were moving from a subdivision in Oshawa and looking for a new way of life. We found it on 9 acres in a 181 year old restored farm house just outside of Port Hope, Ontario. Picture perfect. And we have done a lot of work around here since we moved June 2018. We broke ground and started to build the future home of hornet media above a three car garage! And this past summer we started Our            Farm when we brought home our three male alpacas; Samuel L Jackson, Marty McFly and Mr. Peterman. We have an amazing view of the boys from the art studios windows. Clients are welcome to visit them, hint hint.

Our Garden

This brings us to where we are now. Celebrating 23 years of hornet media. We have worked with many large companies in the corporate world and bring with us decades of knowledge and experience. Now we are looking to move into helping small business. The locals. The small guy with a dream and needs help design wise to get started. We love design and what we do. And of course we’d still love to work with the corporate folks. It’s 2023 and should be the year of growth and change. And we’d love to grow with you. We are down to earth, easy going people. Let’s work together.

Our Alpacas

meet our team

this is deboraH

deboraH clarke
creative girl and everything else

deboraH with a capital H. Because you put the capital at the beginning. deboraH brings more than 24 years experience of design, writing and photography to the table. All the creative goes through her. WADe knows to run now when deboraH says, “I have an idea ...” But those ideas lead to great adventures and creations. When deboraH is not farming, designing or drawing, she can found tending to her multiple gardens, taking a photo, chasing a Pokemon or hanging out with her alpacas.

this is deboraH
this is WADe

WADe Clarke
interactive guy and problem solver

WADe brings a degree in Philosophy as well as his more than 25 years experience in the design industry. When he’s not coding, he’s teaching or solving problems. WADe makes deboraH’s designs work in a digital platform. He loves hard and loud music, campfires and being with family. WADe will exhaust every option before he tells you it can’t be done. Those are words rarely spoken by WADe. More often than not you will hear, let me see what I can do.

this is WADe

Lisa Dekker
copywriting, social media and publication strategist

If you need your words massaged, Lisa is your masseuse. Lisa brings 29+ years of professional writing to the table. Marketing, communications and technical writing are her forte. Lisa also has experience developing successful social media strategies. We’ve known her forever and she’s awesome. Her kids call her Wonder Woman. We agree.

Tracy Leonard
social media, interactive and sales

Tracy was one of our students. She is darn funny and brilliant. So we kept her. We call Tracy in when someone has a need to improve their social media presence. After graduating from us at Durham, Tracy went on to explore a communications degree with a focus on social media. Score! And she can take on any overflow of our interactive projects. Goal!

WADe & deboraH Our _____ Farm Our Alpacas Our Garden Our Alpacas